We know how pools can bring so much entertainment to us. In fact, according to a recent study commissioned by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, four out of five owners admit that buying a pool is one of the great methods on how to entertain the guests and visitors. The respondents added that it can bring space for spending quality time with family and children, connecting more with guests, and bringing together friends and family.

In order for you to utilize your pool in a more creative and fun way, we have organized some innovative pool ideas you can do to entertain your family, friends, and guests!

Movie Night – watching your favorite movie or series in Netflix can be so fun and relaxing. However, while it is comfortable to stay cozy and warm in the bed, you can also enjoy your movie night in the pool and have a “float-in” movie. What you need to do is to have a projector, device, and an internet connection. However, if you do not have any projector, you can move your big-screen television outside or rent one for the movie night. You can also purchase some inflatable lounge chairs in advance at the APSP member retailer. Pick your favorite movie and serve some sodas and popcorn. You can also snuggle up next to your special someone while watching romantic films. If you are experiencing some issues with your pool, you can fix it by calling pool repair Houston.

Hawaiian Luau – you do not need to go to Hawaii to have a good authentic Hawaiian experience. You can always take your guests on an evening getaway to Hawaii by decorating your pool or tub setting with tropical colors, Hawaiian themed accessories, bamboo accents, and other things that would make up your Hawaiian experience. You can also wear shirts with Hawaiian prints and some ready-made party decorations. To make it more authentic, you can also have some tropical flowers scattered the pool surface and tables, as well as Tiki torches nearby the pool to have some finishing touch ups. For the food, you can have some pineapple ham or chicken or a roasted pig. Also, add some vegetables and fruits to the menu.

Birthday party – one of the best ways to celebrate a kid’s birthday party is to have it in a swimming pool. You can have some whimsical invitations using sloe fish-shaped cutouts or flip-flop cutouts. You can also write the party information in beach balls and mail them in an oversized envelop for each guest. When it comes to food, you can have some light menu like half-sandwiches, sliced fruits, boxed juice drink for kids, and some goldfish crackers. When it comes to the activities, you can have some classic pool games such as Minnows, Sharks, cannonball contests, Marco Polo, and other games with pool noodles. The kids will surely love all of them. In addition to these ideas, you can have water0gun battles or some girls’ spa- themed party. Do not forget the prizes!

There you go! Those are the things oyu can do to spice up your pool experience. Remember, what we shared to you are just some of the many things you can do with your pool. You can always recreate your experience with it!