Trail Map Yosemite National Park Trail Section Ansel Adams & Devils Postpile Trail Section John Muir Wilderness Trail Section Kings Canyon National Park Trail Section Sequoia National Park Trail Section "Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike." from John Muir, The Yosemite, pg. 198.

This website is devoted to the spirit of John Muir - enjoyment and preservation of nature. It is also intended to be a resource for those wanting to hike all, or a portion, of the John Muir Trail. For non-hikers, this presents an opportunity to experience the sights that lie beyond auto-access. For everyone, images and information are provided so that all can enjoy the splendor this world class trail has to offer. Fine prints of selected images are also available for those wanting a lasting image from this world-class trail.

Using this Website

This web site has been structured to offer you a "tour" of the John Muir Trail by segments. Since a majority of hikers travel from north to south, the photos and descriptions on each segment have been ordered in this sequence as well. The images and descriptions have been taken from various trips on the John Muir Trail -- most with my hiking partner Paul Rodriguez (no relation to the comedian).

Click on the map, or use the links in the left frame to start your tour of the John Muir Trail. Each page has information about the John Muir Trail in that section. Fine prints of selected pictures are also available in the Photo Gallery, and links to other helpful resources are also provided.

Periodically this website will also be updated with new information, pictures and other resources. Remember to cherish the spirit of John Muir, enjoy nature and help to preserve its beauty for our, and future, generations.

Dean Delgado

E-mail: ddhiker@ix.netcom.com

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